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An iconic comeback by the nation’s favourite girl group. As a long time listener Twice, I shouldn’t be shocked by yet another iconic comeback. Yet, one again, the girls hit me once through the eyes and once through the heart and I was of course doubly impressed. Not just by the music but the music video too! That’s why I’m re-watching, re-listening and reviewing right here for my readers on Medium! Now for anyone who follows Skinsational, this is going to be pretty different in that it’s not in any way gaming related. However this could broaden the scope of this blog and maybe even introduce listeners stuck in audio limbo to their new favourite genre. Either way, let’s get on with these somewhat experimental looks. I can’t stop me, can’t stop me! (Wait wrong album…)

Honourable mentions:

Sana (Explosion ver.)

There were so many Sana looks that could’ve made this list as she really slayed this comeback in her pinks, platinums and purples. This look stood out in particular as a glamorous yet cute look. However, it’s not in the top as this ostrich feather idea is pretty but a little overdone. Since Zimzalabim, it’s been a style staple in many m/vs and it just doesn’t pack as much of a punch 2 years later. The Scientist necklace works with the theme but is a little obvious, literally spelling out the name of the comeback. It’s a good overall concept but the pieces are just a bit deja vu.

Jihyo (Explosion ver.)

Jihyo is another that really slayed with her looks this comeback. Oversized coats were a theme this comeback and this pink Dalmatian pattern was no exception. The boots are obnoxiously big which goes with the look and the material suits this lavish lounge worthy look. The hair is youthful and the makeup matches the look. It’s a really strong look that JUST missed out on my personal top 10. Props to the designers for having so many strong looks that made my job of shortlisting just 10 so difficult.

#10 Momo (Explosion ver.)

In this superhero inspired look, the daring dancer of 3rd gen has arrived! I love this look just for how much is going on! The highlights in the pigtails that evoke youth juxtaposed to the baby pink corset and latex shorts. The huge superhero cape flowing alongside the gigantic strappy platform shoes. Momo came as a superhero of Science and honestly, after this pandemic, is perfectly representing the work that every healthcare worker has put in. Good for you Momo!

#9 Chaeyoung (Study about Love ver.)

In contrast, a much more simple look that was given to us when the album was teased. While most of the other brunettes sat sultry in their designer power suits, it was Chaeyoung’s long blonde locks that really grabbed my attention. The makeup is simple but effective with that strong red lip and the glasses are a little extra but we love to see some specky representation! Overall, she’s showing that she’s serious about science!

#8 Nayun (Break it ver.)

We’ve seen some cutesy, we’ve seen some smart, now it’s time for some badass! The concepts this time around show a different side to the multi-dimensional girl group and, as modelled by Nayeon, the Break it version is pushing the girl crush theme, similarly to some of their other recent comebacks. She’s the fake maknae for a reason! This is giving noughties teen vibes from the platform boots up to the wooly mittens. The glittery broken heart is a punchy centre piece and her ribboned hair portrays a bratty youth. Overall the story is that her young heart has been broken and she’s rebelling to show her frustration. Might be literal for some but a clear narrative works for me!

#7 Tzuyu (Full of Love ver.)

The final album shows the girls with a much more classic Twice theme. As modelled by Tzuyu, the ruffles, the pastel colour palettes, the modelling through muted smiles and simple gestures: it’s all reminiscient of 2016 where ‘cutesy’ was the key word for their style. The jewellery is understated, the hair is simple and the ruffles are just enough to look classic but not stifling. It’s a beautiful look and very well modelled by the must experienced maknae of the group in this picture! She really is Full of Love!

#6 Dahyun (Explosion ver.)

Scientist has shown a couple different sides to these well known faces. This has been most prominent with Tofu! In her first look on this list, Dahyun’s Explosive look is young, flirty and ready to party. The baby pink gingham dress evoke youthful reminiscence to family picnics. Meanwhile the off-the-shoulder jacket is flirty and the overexaggerated blush and teased hair shows off the jovial nature that Once have come to love. The shoes are fancy to match while the choice of white keeps the colour scheme light. The first of many memorable looks from the meme-queen herself!

#5 Jeongyeon (Break it ver.)

She’s back! After a very well deserved mental health break (that will hopefully become more common in the industry) Once are ecstatic to see Jeongyeon back fully participating in the music video, stages, dance practices and, most importantly, the lewks! This is classic Jeongyeon. The chic short hair with a teased tomboyish twist, the lightning motif earrings that divert from the others, the simple makeup that allows her to show off in all her goofiness! All this tops off a simple yet effective Scientist coat inspired dress with dripping hearts down the centre. It’s still in theme but, as usual, a little quirky. Once can once again rejoice that this Chic chick is back!

#4 Chaeyoung (Break it ver.)

My bias has been absolutely slaying it recently and this comeback has been no exception! The huge fur coat is a phat mood in these Winter months and it really works for her badass rapper persona. Underneath are black shorts, white top and that dripping heart idea but rhinestoned. It all feels very street-wise yet scientific. The longer blonde hair has made a welcomed return while the dotted eye makeup mimicks her iconic beauty spot. Honourable mention to the Frankenstein wig and moustache that made an unforgettable appearance in the music video. She really went for the character and the outfit she created is truly a monster worth remembering!

#3 Dahyun (Study about Love ver.)

The Study about Love outfits are toned down compared to the others but that doesn’t make them any less fashionable! On her second appearance on this list, Dahyun is giving mistress of medicine in this healthcare inspired scientist look. The construction of this dress from the subtle collar, buttoned poncho and pencil skirt create this smooth blue Monday morning dream. This is what Tofu would rock up to work in, probably still half asleep! The messy hair tied up shows practicality and the glasses are a stylish albeit literal, chic twist. The soft blue works well with her skin tone and unintentionally represents the NHS and all their hard work in England over the past two years during the pandemic (not to mention before that AND after!) They deserve more than a clap and so does she!

#2 Mina (Explosion ver.)

On first glance at the promo looks, this look got the gay gasp. The black swan had a change of heart and transformed into this heroic… sort of… flamingo? It’s fabulous! The colour palette is so delicate with the pastel pinks and whites while the structure allows modesty with some subtle chic cut-outs. This picture should be viewed from the bottom up with the long thigh high boots that go on for years. This is where the superhero idea starts, continued with the cape around the waist and the pristine pink buttoned corset. Meanwhile the white sleeves and collar juxtapose a formal feel to the cut-outs over the chest and waist which give off a flirty feel. Specifically over the chest, these cut-outs allow for otherwise understated jewellery to really stand out. It’s the multi-dimensional nature of this look that really sets it apart. She’s pretty, professional and powerful, still the Black Swan, just in a lighter shade of stylish!

#1 Dahyun (Break it ver.)

A scene kid gone scientist! The top look of the era goes to none other than Kim Dahyun! And are we surprised? This look will be talked about for years to come. The outfit itself is a gorgeous custom look. The graphic broken heart motif across the dress broken up by the red corset really stand out. But it’s the styling and the hair and makeup that really put this into orbit. The kaleidoscope goggles, the heart-and-arrow choker, the double heart eye makeup and that hair! A pair of artistic antennae that scream of second gen. while looking into what fashion could look like in the future. Weird, wacky and wonderful- just wait ’til she opens her mouth!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this comeback! Do you agree with the decisions? Should Jihyo and Sana have pushed out one of the other ten? Let me know in a response below! In the meantime, love ain’t a science! Get streaming!



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